In-Floor Cleaning

Own the Self-Cleaning Pool You’ve Always Wanted 

Imagine a pool that efficiently cleans itself, circulates its own water, and saves money while giving you more time to enjoy it. With a Caretaker™ system, that’s exactly what you’ll have. Developed in 1972, Caretaker is the original in-floor pool and spa cleaning system. The Caretaker system is custom designed for the unique size and shape of your pool. It is installed to fit flush with your pool floor making it virtually invisible to the eye as it continuously works to keep your pool clean and its water properly circulated and chemically balanced. The Caretaker system replaces vacuum hoses and other stand-alone pool cleaners so your pool area is uncluttered and always ready to be enjoyed.

Technology Key Benefits

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Considered the workhorse of the industry, this valve has long provided pool owners with a...

Caretaker cleaning heads rotate 18 positions in a full 360°, providing complete and reliable...