TruSense™ Water Chemistry Analyzer

Smart water monitoring at your fingertips.


Get real-time water quality monitoring with the Jandy TruSense™ Water Chemistry Analyzer—an on-pipe* solution that allows you to conveniently check the pool’s chemistry levels remotely with AquaLink® RS through the iAquaLink® app.

Using advanced-detection technology, TruSense automatically and continually assesses pH levels and chlorine activity (ORP) as water passes through the system and sends the readings to your mobile device so you can view them through the iAquaLink app wherever you are and proactively address water imbalance. With all that knowledge at your fingertips, you can avoid surprises and keep the pool water crystal clean and ready for use.

Engineered for the pool pad, TruSense can be added to new or existing pools and offers service-friendly features with durable construction that stands the test of time.

* For professional installation only

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