Jandy Smart Sync® LED Adapter

With one control box, sync your LED waterfall with pool lights


Easily synchronize multiple Brilliant Wonders® LED Waterfalls and the most popular pool lights and automation systems with the Jandy Smart Sync® LED Adapter. With simple installation, you can operate up to 12-feet of waterfalls allowing pool owners to conveniently create and control an enthralling atmosphere full of vibrant colors and the soothing sound of cascading water.

Jandy Smart Sync® LED Adapter Features

Universal Programming

The Smart Sync adapter acts as the "external brain" for the LED Waterfall. Simply select your desired programming using the built-in dial

Simple to Install

Easy to install, and field-programmable with a built-in control dial


Integrated dimmer switch adjusts to 8 levels of brightness

Compatible Control

Compatible with the most popular pool LED lighting and controls