JXiQ™ Gas Pool & Spa Heater

The SMARTEST Way to Heat Your Pool and Spa


The JXiQ is designed with features to ensure proper installation and operation such as auto-sensing dual voltage functionality and a one-of-a-kind low gas pressure switch to prevent ignition when it doesn’t sense enough pressure.

Engineered with additional sensors for unparalleled self-diagnostic capabilities, troubleshooting service calls is a cinch since you can detect and resolve issues quicky — allowing you to complete more calls in a day.

Part of the JXi lineup that’s known for its compact size and durable construction that protects against rodents, the JXiQ further enhances longevity with a sacrificial anode that draws corrosive materials in the water away from susceptible parts and equipment.

For pool owners’ convenience, this next generation heater can calculate heat up time and provide at-a-glance status updates on a large display or in the iAquaLink® app.

JXiQ™ Gas Pool & Spa Heater Features

Low Gas Pressure Sensor

Ensures there’s enough gas pressure to safely ignite

Optimize Flow

Measures temperature rise between the inlet and outlet to optimize flow and avoid heat exchanger failures

Auto-Sensing Power Input

Automatically adjusts to supplied power when installed, no cards to flip and no wires to change

Superior Corrosion Defense

A sacrificial anode draws corrosive elements in the water away from susceptible parts and equipment *Not included on JXiQ ASME models

5-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

Industry leading 5-Year standard limited warranty on the heat exchanger* *5-year warranty applies to non ASME compliant models with VersaFlo Integrated Bypass only

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JXiQ™ Gas Pool & Spa Heater Specifications

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