Revolution™ 6-Port Valve

The Jandy Revolution 6-Port In-Floor Pool Cleaning Valve is engineered for cost-saving cleaning that maximizes water flow even at low pump speeds. With a leak-free design offering unsurpassed efficiency and durability, it’s the only in-floor cleaning valve with an unimpeded 2-inch port and an innovative QuickFlow™ Shifting System that maximizes the duration of full cleaning pressure to each zone for superior cleaning results. Constructed for long-term, reliable operation, the Jandy Revolution Valve performs equally under low-and high-pressure conditions while preventing “dead head” from occurring and damaging the pump and features an easy-to-service one-piece gear cartridge that can readily be swapped out if needed.

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  • Superior Self-Cleaning Pool - No need for a separate pool cleaner to vacuum your pool, the Jandy Revolution In-Floor Cleaning System turns your pool into a self-cleaning pool designed to provide spotless results while saving you time.
  • Powerful Performance and Results - The only in-floor cleaning valve on the market that’s designed to provide full pressure even at low pump speeds, the Revolution 6-Port Valve ensures each cleaning zone operates at maximum intensity for the full duration of its cycle resulting in a more efficient and effective cleaning system.
  • Costs Less to Clean - Features a unique design that allows a completely open port for water to flow unimpeded — meaning you can run your pump at lower, energy-saving speeds while cleaning your pool.
  • Reduces Wear-and-Tear - Extend the life of your pump by running it at lower speeds while still benefiting from the powerful cleaning capabilities of the in-floor cleaning system.
  • New Levels of Efficiency - With the new and innovative design of the QuickFlow Hydraulic Shifting System, Revolution maximizes full-pressure cleaning time with shorter and smoother zone shifting. The result, more debris being flushed out of the pool with reduced head loss. Revolution also eliminates dead head and is low pressure compatible.
  • Easy and Simple - Revolution features incredible, hassle-free internal accessibility thanks to a single band clamp allowing for quick access to the easily replaceable, one-piece gear cassette.
  • Purposeful Pump Protection - Designed so that there is always an opening for water pressure to be released, the Revolution 6-Port Valve eliminates “dead head” and poses no danger to the pump.
  • Durable and Dependable - We’ve closed the gap! A new design allows the valve plate to rest directly on the lower cassette resulting in no water hammer and preventing leaking into adjacent ports even under high-pressure.

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