Say goodbye to leaves and debris with the Leaf-Master

Say goodbye to leaves and debris with the Leaf-Master™. Easily connected to any garden hose and pool pole, the Leaf-Master™ is easy to use, comes with a long lasting Dacron™ bag and has an extra long intake opening that will never clog.

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  • Collects leaves, twigs and other loose debris
  • Durable Dacron™ leaf bag
  • Quick-lock attachment for simple removal of leaf bag
  • ABS molded construction for added strength and long life
  • Swirling action for an extra long six inch throat that will never clog
  • Heavy duty brass hose fitting prevents cracking and thread stripping
  • Speed coupler quick-disconnect handle designed for effortless surface skimming
  • Large polyurethane swivel wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Brush ring model with durable nylon bristles for vinyl liner pools