JXiQ™ Gas Pool & Spa Heater

The SMARTEST Way to Heat Your Pool and Spa


Engineered for installation ease and cost-efficient operation, the JXiQ gas pool & spa heater features SMART sensors to ensure proper performance and provide convenient functionality. Designed with complete self-diagnostic capabilities and Bluetooth® connectivity to make servicing simple, this smart heater also comes with sensors that estimate heating time so the water’s just right when you want it.

JXiQ™ Gas Pool & Spa Heater Features

Low Gas Pressure Sensor

Ensures there’s enough gas pressure to safely ignite

Auto-Sensing Power Input

Automatically adjusts to supplied power when installed, no cards to flip and no wires to change

Optimize Flow

Measures temperature rise between the inlet and outlet to optimize flow and avoid heat exchanger failures

Estimates Heat Up Time

Calculates and displays how long it will take water to reach desired temperature setpoint

JXiQ™ Gas Pool & Spa Heater Specifications

JXiQ™ Gas Pool & Spa Heater Accessories