Heavy Duty Single Union Ball Valve

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Jandy Heavy Duty unionized PVC ball valves make repairing and replacing plumbing and equipment quick and easy.

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Heavy Duty Single Union Ball Valve

  • Single union design
  • Rated to 150 PSI
  • Durable gray PVC body construction
  • “Antiblock” system that avoids ball blockages
  • Fast replacement of O-Rings and ball seat without additional tools
  • Ball seat made of heavy duty HDPE
  • O-Rings made of EPDM
  • Single Union Tailpiece; female glue socket


Models Description
BVSU005 Ball Valve, Single Union, 1/2" PVC, Grey
BVSU008 Ball Valve, Single Union, 3/4" PVC, Grey
BVSU010 Ball Valve, Single Union, 1" PVC, Grey
BVSU015 Ball Valve, Single Union, 1.5" PVC, Grey
BVSU020 Ball Valve, Single Union, 2" PVC, Grey
BVSU025 Ball Valve, Single Union, 2.5" PVC, Grey
BVSU030 Ball Valve, Single Union, 3" PVC, Grey

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Heavy Duty Pool Valves Brochure

Item #: 4578_SL
File Size: 5498136
Language: EN-CA

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