Andrew L. Pansini, the founder of Jandy, was known as a man who looked at things differently than most people, and it was his vision that turned an accident into the invention that started it all for the company.

Here's how it all began:

  • Turning an Accident into an Invention


    Back in the late 1950's, pool owners had to manually scrub and clean their pools as automatic pool cleaners didn't exist yet. During an afternoon of cleaning, Pansini's garden hose accidentally fell into his pool and started snaking along the surface of the pool spraying clean water as it went. Instead of pulling the hose out of the water, he watched and noticed the hose was driving dirt toward the outlet drain. It was cleaning! This triggered his inventor spirit to grab some pipes and connect them to the hose to more effectively direct the flow – and that simple contraption was the basis for the world's first automatic pool cleaner.

  • Founding of Jandy Products


    Inspired by his invention, Pansini founded Jandy Products in 1958. He chose "Jandy" from a blend of two names: his wife Jane and his own, Andy. Under the Jandy name, Pansini improved his original concept and created a submersible cleaner next. This eventually led to the Jandy LeafMaster, one of the most widely used cleaners in the pool trade.

  • Jandy Moves to Bigger Facility


    In the mid 1980s, the company outgrew its original San Rafael facilities and moved to a 50,000-square-foot facility in Novato, CA.

  • Jandy Grows


    In the early 1990s, Jandy had grown to more than 100 employees with sales over $20 million.

  • Jandy Merges with Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.


    Pansini grew Jandy into one of the most well known pool product manufacturers in the country. Jandy manufactured and marketed pool cleaners, valves, pumps and heaters – and built an unparalleled reputation for producing the highest quality pool products on the market. It was this combination that made it a right fit for Zodiac, and in September 2007 Zodiac Pool Care merged with Jandy to become Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. Jandy employees joined alongside Zodiac and Polaris Pool employees to ultimately form the Zodiac family of brands.

    This dream team now provides the pool industry with the most advanced products needed for a pool – or what we call "the complete Zodiac pool". Now, thanks to Jandy and the rest of the Zodiac family, millions of people around the world enjoy the experience of owning a pool like never before.